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Flat Pack Container A1

Easy Transportation, Fast Construction, Flexible Combination, Cost Saving, Green&Sustainable

The units are suitable for:
• Accommodation units • Office / Hotel • Large Camps
• Temporary Housing • Exhibitions • Construction sites
  • Introduction

House load:                                                
●Bearing  max. load capacity 2.0 kN/m² (200 kg/m²)                        
●Wind load:25 m/s (90 km/h)                                    
●Compression capability loading—150kg/m3                              
●Steel frame:Maximum temperature of structure 500°C                        
●External Size(mm): 6000(L)×2435(W)×2800(H)                              
●Internal Size(mm): 5790(L)×2225(W)×252(H)                               
●External Size(Ftin):20'(L)×8'(W)×9' 2"(H)                              
●Internal Size(Ftin): 19' 3"(L)×7' 4"(W)×8' 3"(H)                               
●Made from cold rolled Q235B, 4mm thick profiled steel with 4 ISO dimensioned corner casts      
●Insulation:50mm rock wool (60kg/m3)                              
●Subfloor:0.4mm thick galvanised steel sheet                              
●18mm MGO borad,waterproof, fireproof (Option Plywood and Fiber cement floor)            
●2.0mm vinyl flooring                                          
●Made from cold rolled Q235B, 3mm thick profiled steel with 4 ISO dimensioned corner casts      
●Insulation:50mm rock wool (60kg/m3)                                   
●Ceiling: 50mm Eps sandwich panel, both size 0.4mm PPGI steel sheet.(Option rockwool and PU)
●Roof Covering: 0.5mm thick PPGI steel sheet                              
●Corner posts: 3mm cold rolled Q235B profiles                              
Wall panels:                                                 
●Insulation:59mm high density (14kg/m3) EPS,(Option rockwool and PU)            
●Both side cladding:0.426mm PPGI steel sheet, RAL9002                        
●Sliding aluminium profiled windows  with dimension 800×1100mm                  
●4mm double glazed panes with 16mm vacum void                        
●Removable Aluminium  mosquito screen                              
Exterior Doors:                                           
●Steel door  with dimension 900×2100mm                              
●Insulation:40mm mineral wool                                    
●Steel Frame: 40μm exoxy zinc primer, 50μm chlorinated rubber topcoat                  
●Light, Switch,Socket,distribution box and breaker,                              
●Different electrical standards to match with most countries in the world; such as CE, UL, CSA, AS