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Wrokshop, Warehouse

1.Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed≤111.5km/h)
2.Earthquake resistance: Grade 8
3.Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5kn/m2
4.External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc
5.Live load of corridor is 2.0kn/ m2
6.We can design and the house according to customer's requirements
  • Introduction


1.service scope:
we can provide fabrication or installation or EPC construction service based on the information and the requirements from
Client.Design drawing or fabrication drawing if you have, otherwise, please advise as detailed description as possible.
2.Standards applied:
Material standard: Q235, Q345 based on China material standard.
Fabrication standard:
we can make construction acc. to the ICBO(international conference of building officials).
3.Application scope:
Industry: workshop, warehouse, and other industrial facilities.
Commerce: mall, hotel, exhibition hall, hospital, office building.
Public: the social activity center, school, library, sports stadium, church etc.
Steel structure: light weight, high operational reliability ,earth-quake resistance, impact resistance, high degree of
industrialization, easy to install, easy to be airproof.
The character of our company: high efficiency, high quality, low cost for maintenance.
5.For clients information:
if client can provide the following information in his inquiry, it will be very helpful:
1).if client need us to make the design for the required building, the design load should be provided : wind load, snow load,
raining condition, geological condition, aseismatic requires.
2).the dimension: length, width, height at least
3).the function of building, and if need the interior equipment
4).the especial requirement on function, such as plumbing and electric equipment etc.
6.installation service:
We can provide you the following options:
1).If client can make the installation on his own, we will provide whole set drawings for installation.
2).We can provide technical support by sending engineers to client to direct the installation.