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Steel Structure Building

1.Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed≤111.5km/h)
2.Earthquake resistance: Grade 8
3.Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5kn/m2
4.External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc
5.Live load of corridor is 2.0kn/ m2
6.We can design and the house according to customer's requirements
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The technical parameter of light steel structure building
NO. Type Name Specification and Parameter
1 Product Standard According to customer requirements
2 Character Unsuited to take apart frequently
3 Dimension Length Unlimited
4 Width ≤18m
5 Height According to customer requirements
6 Roof pitch 1 to 5
7 Storey ≤three storeys
8 Standard Facilities Groove footing Welded L30# steel
9 Strut Square steel tube(material: Q235)with decoration of matching color steel profiling parts
10 Roof girder Roof truss, welded thin-wall C-shaped steel, antirust surface
11 Purline thin-wall C-shaped steel, antirust surface
12 Wall beam Rectangle steel tube (material: Q235)
13 Floor Multilayer wood floor of 15mm(base course)
14 Wall panel Color steel sandwich panel
15 Roof panel Color steel sandwich panel
16 Door Plastic steel door, security door, color steel sandwich panel door
17 Window Plastic steel window
18 Optional Facilities Suspended ceiling Mineral wool board ceiling, PVC ceiling, aluminum gusset ceiling
19 Structure of floor Steel structure with customer requirements
20 Electri work and plumbing Plan offered (surface wiring)
21 Furniture and Appliances According to customer requirements
22 Design Parameter Live load of Roof 50 kg/square meter
23 Wind resistance Grade-10 0.45KN/square meter(China standard)
24 Fire rating B1 (Material: combustible with difficulty)
25 Seismic Fortification Intensity 7
26 Transportation A 40 feet container can load 100~150 square meters.